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Inventive touches for a new video on the ‘Magic’ of love

The latest R&B video from my transatlantic friends and near-namesakes at True Weltch Media was recently released (or ‘dropped’ as I need to start saying).

Magic is a romantic song, featuring a trio of New Jersey artists – two of whom I’ve featured before, Jo Rivers and Mytus, along with Raq, all from the city of Camden. And, appropriately, the video dropped (there, I said it!) on Valentine’s Day 2021.

I’m very grateful to US writer and publicist Jalyn Jewel, who provided some expert insight into the song and the video production:


“The video is a representation of the real life love story of executive producer Bak and his wife Sade.  It was only right that the ladies and True Weltch Media came with the vibes.

“Dedicated to creating the perfect aesthetic for every project, True Weltch Media prepared for the shoot providing a meticulous treatment for the video. After weeks of listening to the audio of Magic, the idea of having a professional magician perform throughout the video came to mind.

“Former street magician Ran’D Shine of Philadelphia, PA greatly attributed to the mystic mood of this visual.

“With a tasteful hint of Destiny’s Child’s Girl for inspiration, the treatment was set. Already having a good rapport with singer Jo Rivers, True Weltch Media got the green light to bring this detailed vision to life.

“Whether it is wardrobe suggestions or other artistic elements, Jo Rivers is sure to contribute valuable and constructive input to the shoot. Having already built chemistry with the crew, Jo Rivers effortlessly took on her acting role as the leading lady of the video.

Jo Rivers

“From the beginning, she saw the desire that executive producer Bak had to create such an innovative project and stepped up. Her romantic counterpart, Tamal Forchion made it easy for any viewer to become invested in the storyline of the video. In the making of the song, Jo was instantly inspired to write about love once she heard the beat. She describes the sentiment as a ‘healthy love’ which often feels just like magic. 

“Having worked with the production team just two weeks prior to the Magic shoot, Mytus’ melodic vocals and presence was the perfect ingredient to this visual blend. During the recording of Magic, Mytus came in the studio while Jo was recording. She went with the flow and was able to bring into being a verse based on her own personal experience with love. With every word of the hook aligned with Mytus’ understanding of what she had encountered, her verse was custom made to fit this song.  


“The alluring lyricist and co-star Raq traveled from ATL [Atlanta, Georgia] on the day of the shoot. It inadvertently paralleled with her verse of going great distances in the past to be a catalyst for love. Her flying hundreds of miles showed her devotion to the song, shooting of the video and her fellow artists. Raq’s charisma in each scene adjoined the video, making a magical brew of love, passion and charm. Raq also wrote her verse in the studio after going off what was created by Mytus and Jo Rivers. Within a matter of seconds, Raq knew what the song meant to her. She is a true believer of success being the result of opportunity assembling with preparation. There is no exception when it comes to the law of love. 

“From their own experiences in relationships to recording of the song and visual, everything came together in good time. The making of  ‘Magic’ was intentional and well thought out. Everything from the location in Philly to the lighting and props made the visual what it is. DJ Weltch even flew a drone from Camden (which is the hometown of each artist) into the city of Philadelphia as a refined aspect of symbolism. It is those small inventive touches that make visuals more meaningful and appealing”. 

I’m not much of an Instagrammer, but it is where the cool kids hang out, so you can follow the artists mentioned here: Jo Rivers, Mytus, Raq, Tamal Forchion, True Weltch Media, Ran’D Shine. And don’t forget Jalyn Jewel herself.

The song Magic is from from the album Flowtus produced by @heymickii_ and is currently streaming on all platforms. You can watch the video here.

And if you’re involved in arts and entertainment, check out the services of Weltch Media.

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