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Mrs Noah Fights Back – with music, jokes, and a serious message

A community of actors, formed in lockdown, is presenting an online production with jokes, music, and a serious message about the environment.

Mrs Noah Fights Back! is an environmentally reimagined Noah’s Ark – with a feminist twist, which was originally performed as a piece of street theatre.

Now presented by Untamed Productions via Zoom, the play offers a powerful message about the state of the world, as an online chat gets interrupted by an angry God, played by Lauren Alexandra. “You are destroying nature in cold blood, so I’m finishing you off by sending an almighty great flood!”

Noah (Jordan Julien) builds his ark to save mankind (and by that he means himself), but his story is outdated and ineffective. So, Mrs Noah (Poppy Abbott, who also directs the play) demands a rewrite.

With theatres being closed for the past year because of the pandemic, Untamed Productions decided to work digitally to reach a wide and diverse audience, putting together a female-led cast of actors across London, Wiltshire, Nottingham and Birmingham.

Poppy Abbott

The production company emerged from a lockdown creation called Untamed Community, run by Poppy, Lauren, and Emma Hodgkinson. It acts as an online community and mentoring platform for other actors who might be struggling, particularly those starting out in the industry.

Poppy said: “I’ve really enjoyed embracing the challenge of remote rehearsals and navigating directing via a computer screen!”

Written by April De Angelis, with original music by Alice Wolff-Whitehouse, virtual backgrounds, and animation, Mrs Noah is suitable for audiences aged 10 and above.

Lauren Alexandra

A 10% slice of ticket sales are going to Avon Needs Trees, a charity tackling deforestation in the South West, and there will be a short Q&A after the show about the production and the charity.

Emma Hodgkinson

Performances are 16th, 17th and 18th April. Tickets are £5 from

If you’re interested in joining the Untamed Community, you’ll find details here.

And if you’re involved in arts and entertainment, check out the services of Weltch Media.

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