Female action heroes and the spirit of Emma Peel
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Female action heroes and the spirit of Emma Peel

Female action heroes are now the norm, it has been suggested (by none other than Felicity Jones of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). Maybe or maybe not, but they’re certainly not new. Those of a certain age won’t forget the ass-kicking Emma Peel of The Avengers, and there have been many following in her … Continue reading

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If you’re seeking a pop-inspired philosophy, be a driver, not a rollercoaster rider

Maybe pop songs aren’t the best place to seek your philosophy of life, but if that’s where you’re looking, may I recommend you pay more heed to the acid-jazz/funk of Brand New Heavies than to the pop-pop/pop of Ronan Keating? Ronan told us in 2000, “Life is a rollercoaster/ Just gotta ride it” and I’ve … Continue reading