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Creating a vibe with a cool sunset video

The superb video for the latest song by talented New Jersey R&B artist Jo Rivers was launched (or ‘dropped‘ as the cool kids say) this week [September 15, 2020] – reflecting a late summer vibe and all the potential that a new relationship offers.

The video for Create A Vibe was made by my namesake (and maybe distant relation – there aren’t many Weltches [with a T] around!) D.J. Weltch of True Weltch Media (TWM).

Having become a fan of Jo and another New Jersey R&B artist Uniceson through the TWM videos (and the connection we established through our similarly-named businesses), I was really pleased to get some extra insight into the story behind the latest production, which acts as a kind of sequel to an earlier duet, Temptation.

DJ generously shared some notes on the thinking behind the video and the practicalities of the production – from concept to identifying the location and cast, and pulling the whole thing together.

“When Jo first sent me Create A Vibe, I immediately thought of a summer time / colorful / carnival-like feel for the video,” he said. “I loved the song immediately and felt like it had great potential.  Especially since Jo Rivers is an amazing talent who works hard at her craft.

“I scouted multiple locations but settled on the Steel Pier area in Atlantic City after spending multiple sunsets down in that area.  The sunsets at that location in particular produce beautiful colors and formulate an awesome romantic setting with ideal lighting. 

“I scouted several models before remembering that my cousin Spencer Bovell is a fashion designer and also modeled for Calvin Klein. We decided that he fit the role.  After coordinating everyone’s schedule, I decided to complete the treatment for the video.  The treatment is a breakdown on the wardrobe, story , scenes etc. 

“I wanted Create A Vibe to be an extension of my last video with Jo Rivers called Temptation which was an R&B duet with South Jersey artist Uniceson.  In Temptation she describes reasons for the split-up.  Fast forward to Create A Vibe and Jo Rivers is at the Jersey Shore with her friend Amanda (played by my wife). 

“Amanda is encouraging Jo to get back into the swing of things.  While they are at the food court they spot an attractive young man named Spencer who shows a mutual interest in Jo.

“The two hit it off and they spend the early evening playing games, dancing and enjoying the beach.”

Enjoy the full video here. You can follow Jo Rivers on Instagram and check out her podcast too.  

Involved in arts and entertainment? Check out the services of Weltch Media.

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