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Mytus ‘gets back’ in her video debut

Mytus, an exciting new R&B talent from New Jersey, has released her first video. Get Back was released (or ‘dropped’, as they say nowadays!) last week [February 5th 2021].

Queen Mytus, to use her full title, a rising singer-songwriter, based in Camden, NJ, said: “My intention in creating music is to always uplift, inspire, bring joy and heal people through my art”.

She certainly achieves that with Get Back, which has a positive, feel-good vibe about it, and that is enhanced by the superb video, created by my near-namesake DJ Weltch of True Weltch Media.

DJ explained: “Mytus had heard about True Weltch Media from the music video we dropped late in the summer of 2020 called Create A Vibe by Jo Rivers. That video generated quite a bit of buzz for us [and featured in this blog].

“As a film director, I’m always honored when someone wants me to shoot their first visual so I was also intrigued.  I checked out some of the cover songs she posted online and realized she had an outstanding voice with a vintage soulful vibe.

“She sent me her song Get Back and I listened to it for about a week and a half. I kept having a recurring vision around empowerment and self-improvement.  I gave Mytus a list of scenes and ideas I had around ‘bettering herself.’  There was an immediate synergy as her ideas for the video treatment were right in line with what we were looking to produce . 

“She and a couple of her family members added some real nice touches, such as the sticky notes on the window near the beginning. Those notes are actual lyrics from the song with words of positivity for herself. The video begins with Mytus on the phone with her friends encouraging her to come out. Mytus stressed with work, the pandemic etc declines the offer. After falling asleep she wakes up motivated to ‘Get Back’ to herself.” 

He added: “I used several RGB LED lights to add variety and a different dynamic to the scenes. In post I wanted the color scheme to look more unique as I’ve been studying color grading techniques from films such as Joker and video games such as Cyberpunk. I utilized some methods from these films in order to pull a unique color scheme that would fit both the day and night scenes.” 

Mytus recently released her first EP, Rebirth. “I took my time creating my EP to assure quality and content that many people all over the world could relate to,” she told me. “I’ve worked with two amazing producers on this project – 24Karat Music and Drumatik, also from New Jersey. They both understand my sound and create music personally for me to enhance it.

“I write music from my life experiences and also from my perspective of the people around me,” she added. “I am always inspired to create. My intention in creating music is to always uplift, inspire, bring joy and heal people through my art. I’m so humbled to present myself and my music to the world!”

I hope we’ll hear and see a lot more from Mytus. In the meantime, you can check out the full video here and follow her on Instagram here.

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