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You Got it What? I Got it Made (I’m in an R&B video)

There are many benefits from knowing creative people, but perhaps the most surprising is that you might end up appearing in their work.

Last year (2019), my brilliant crime-writer friend Cara Hunter named a character after me in her latest novel. And now, my near-namesake DJ Weltch has put me in an R&B video!

It’s hard to believe, but near the end of the cool new video for Made by New Jersey R&B artist Uniceson, that’s (less than cool) me, making a brief cameo appearance.

And if you look hard enough you’ll see that’s some retro Torquay United clothing – the closest I could come to the old-school hip-hop look, which DJ asked for.

As with the recent Jo Rivers video Create A Vibe, DJ shared his thinking behind the creative process that led to this latest release from his business True Weltch Media.

“Uniceson and I were discussing filming Made since last September (2019).  We were actually at the Made music video shoot last year before I changed it last minute to Find Out as I was inspired to go in another direction last minute. 

“Fast forward to 2020 and  we were originally going to film Made at a couple old record stores and maybe a thrift shop, as a parody-type music video but Covid 19 disrupted those plans.

“I was already booked through the summer with music video shoots in Atlantic City, NJ so I decided to invite Uniceson out to come film while I’m out there.  I have a long list of locations I want to film at in that city, and outside of Caesars and on the boardwalk was one of them.   I was drawn to the lighting, statues and horses at the forefront of a public water fountain.

“The song Made is about flossing jewelry,  money, cars, and women which is what that area of Pacific Avenue, Atlantic City is known for.  We wanted to just have fun with Made as a teaser video / prelude to a much larger production coming later this year. So we decided to put on a small show on the boardwalk as well.  We brought a large speaker and let Uniceson’s infectious personality go to work.  He has a knack for drawing attention to his shoots and getting people to want to be in the video as you can see from the number of guests in the video. 

“Lastly I wanted to include a cameo from Andrew Weltch and Weltch Media, our bredren company in the UK for all of their support on our latest works.”

You can see the Made video here and subscribe to True Weltch Media for more videos here.

Involved in arts and entertainment? Check out the services of Weltch Media.


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