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‘Visions of Beulah’ – short film explores reality and meaning

When artist Mari reveals to her PhD student boyfriend that she can hear his thoughts, he decides he must think in images to maintain balance. As he opens himself up to imagination and memory, his world loses its characteristic rationale.

That’s the intriguing premise of the forthcoming short film by Thomas Riordan, Visions of Beulah.

Inspired by T. S. Eliot’s The Waste Land, Tom explains the film deals with “the modern dichotomy of reality and meaning”.

If the name is familiar, Tom has several acting credits to his name, and I wrote a post about his brother Fergus in 2019 – similarly, a childhood movie star whose creativity has led him in other directions.

With an MA in Cinematography from Bournemouth University and a degree in the Philosophy and History of Science from University College London, Tom is also exploring the connections and distinctions between film, still photography and othe media.

This latest project, co-produced with Ilsa Jones, was developed through the Covid-19 pandemic, with production being postponed several times. It features Giles Surridge and Yoanna Krasteva in the lead roles.

With a full cast and crew now in place, and lockdown restrictions easing in England [I write this in early April 2021], filming is now scheduled for late April [2021] with the film due to be completed by the end of June.

A crowdfunding campaign raised the £400 needed to make the film possible, but Tom and Ilsa have now increased their target to £600.

“The additional funds would be enormously helpful in terms of securing equipment to refine the cinematography,” he explained. 

Those who contribute to the funding will receive a digital download of the completed film, and the team hopes to arrange screenings in Bournemouth, where they are based, as well as sending the film to festivals.

If you’d like to know more and maybe help with the funding, the info is here. And Tom’s personal portfolio site showcases his impressive array of still photography and film work.

You may also be interested in this post from 2019 about Tom’s brother Fergus, Bridging the artistic gaps from behind the lens.

And if you’re involved in arts and entertainment, check out the services of Weltch Media.

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