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How old is Batman?

How old is the Batman? It’s a question Helen Armitage tackles in this piece on ScreenRant, concluding that – in the comic books – he ranges from his 20s to mid-50s.

But how about on screen? I was prompted to ask this after seeing The Batman (2022) at the cinema in the summer [of 2022] and thinking how young Robert Pattinson is.

I then realised he’s not young – I’m old. As it turns out, he’s actually about average for the role, in his mid-30s.

How do I know? Well, I checked how old each Batman actor was in the year their first screen appearance in the role was released.

As you’ll see, they’re almost all in their 30s, with only Lewis Wilson being in his 20s and Ben Affleck in his 40s.

Here they are in order of age:

Lewis Wilson – Batman (1943) – 23

Christian Bale – Batman Begins (2005) – 31

Robert Lowery – Batman and Robin (1949) – 35

Val Kilmer – Batman Forever (1995) – 35

Robert Pattinson – The Batman 2022 – 35

George Clooney – Batman & Robin (1997) – 36

Adam West – Batman (1966) – 37

Michael Keaton – Batman 1989 – 37

Ben Affleck – Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice 2016 – 43

You may also be interested in this post about the original Batman serials.

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