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Maybe Tomorrow? No, get it today!

Maybe TomorrowZeeteah Massiah, whose debut album, Juice, was a stunning collection of jazz-blues-soul-R&B, is back with a very different collection.

While Juice consisted mainly of new material, written by her equally-talented partner (now husband) Paul Caplin, her second album, Maybe Tomorrow, consists mainly of familiar tunes by the likes of Cole Porter and Johnny Mercer.

Cry Me A River, Fever, One For My Baby, Mona Lisa, and Under My Skin are among the classic love songs given a new airing here.

Zeeteah’s distinctive vocals are complimented by a brilliant, minimalist backing group, comprising Rick Laughlin on piano, and Rob Hughes on sax (soprano, tenor, and baritone).

Paul again produces, and also contributes one of the songs – Here In You, while Rob’s Butterfly is also among the tracks.

I’d recommend getting your hands on this album as soon as you can. Maybe Tomorrow? Or better, today. You can download it or order the CD via Zeeteah’s website.AW and Zeeteah

I reviewed Zeeteah’s debut solo album, Juice in March 2015, and I met her at Love Supreme Festival that year too!




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