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Short films project finds success in competitions

A series of short screenplays, known as The Annalium Project (featured in this blog earlier this year), has been finding success in international competitions. 

The project’s creator (my pal) Robert Lancey had been hoping to have started filming the first film ‘Sssss’ by now, but the continuing COVID-19 pandemic has kept that on hold until 2022.

So, in the meantime, he has been entering the screenplays in competitions, with remarkable success:

Qvest – Finalist in the Florida Script Challenge 2021 

 A group of ambitious high-flyers enter an orienteering treasure hunt, finding clues that would lead them to the key to a safe. Inside, a cheque for $1,000,000, keys to a Ferrari and ‘his & hers’ Rolex watches. What happens when someone stalks the others to steal their clues? 

Sadie –  Honorary Mention in the Macoproject New York Film Festival

                 Quarter Finalist in the Caledonian Short Script Competition

A supernatural tale of hide-and-seek where a young girl discovers a strange machine and finds the ultimate hiding place. 

Apache – Semi-Finalist in the Poe Film Festival

A psychological thriller turns into a love story as two sweethearts find each other in their dotage, having been separated as teenagers. 

Sssss – Selected for the Kinodrome Film Competition

              Quarter-finalist  in the Caledonian Short Script Competition

A strange malady has wiped out all animal life. A scientist, dressed in full bio-hazard kit and with a life-support machine in tow, discovers a young girl, fully fit and well. The girl offers hope to the world though inadvertently seals the fate of the scientist.  

Others selected for consideration:

Conga – Monkey Bread Tree Competition

2015    – Kinodrome Film Competition

Manon – Kinodrome Film Competition

Figaro  – Macoproject New York Film Festival

The first of these dialogue-free shorts to be filmed is due to be Sssss. I’m pleased to be involved as a producer, and I’ll be updating you on progress when we get things moving.

Find out more on the Annalium website here.

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