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Live debut for Sarah Moule’s new album

Live in-person performances have been a rarity lately, so I was delighted to hear that Sarah Moule will be appearing at Pizza Express Jazz Club, Soho later this month.

The gig on Wednesday 30th June marks the premiere of her new album Stormy Emotions, which I reviewed earlier this year.

She will be performing with her band (Simon Wallace piano, Neville Malcolm bass, Paul Robinson drums and special guest Nigel Price guitar).

“We’re really pleased to be able to bring the music to a live audience and looking forward to gigging again,” she told me.

You can book tickets for the gig here.

Along with Simon Wallace, Sarah is performing short livestreams on Sunday evenings at 7.30pm on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

And every Monday until mid July they are releasing a new video for the album, featuring live performance, sometimes mixed with photomontage, movie footage and other images. You can see the first five here.

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