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Mia highlights the power of friendship

2h4a5829When faced with a threat, characters in films will often use fists or guns to protect themselves. But it’s sometimes refreshing to see evidence of a more powerful weapon – friendship.

That is at the core of a delightful new [I write this in January 2017, when release is ‘coming soon’] short British film, Mia.

I must declare an interest – I’m credited as a founding producer of this project, and proud to be so, for Mia addresses important issues about modern Britain in a funny, uplifting, and life-affirming way.

The title character, played by Nimisha Odedra, is a Muslim, who decides to start wearing hijab on her last day of school. Her best friend Charly (Ella Duffy), is not a Muslim. She’s planning to go to school in a shirt with the words “Let’s Fuck Shit Up” on it.  2h4a5804

Mia and Charly have grown up together, and now as they reach the end of their school careers, they try to work out who they are, what they mean to each other, and whether what we wear really matters after all.

Directed by Emma Wilkinson (whose previous credits have been for stage productions) from a script by Ellen Robertson, Mia is set in Emma’s hometown of Reading, although it was filmed in Abingdon, and could be almost any town in England.

The team describes it as a “truthful coming-of-age story about female friendship”. It’s cleverly written, smartly directed, and beautifully played. Please take the opportunity to see for yourself, when the chance comes.

Having had a preview screening in November 2016, as part of Emma’s MA Directing graduation at Met Film School, Mia should soon be available to a wider audience – either at festivals, at other screenings, or online.

You can follow Mia on Twitter for any news.




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