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Saucy Horsey gallops through Cardiff with a song in his heart

clay Ben cropMy adopted home city of Cardiff has an interesting and sometimes surprising history on film (remember the Wolf Man?), but a new project, Saucy Horsey, is perhaps the most surprising.

It’s an animation featuring a man with a horse’s head on his shoulders and a song in his heart, his chum who is a pig, and the object if his desire, who is a woman selling fried chicken.

If some of that sounds familiar, I hope it’s because you saw the station idents on UK TV channel, E4, where the horsey and piggy chaps achieved a cult following.

Now, the characters’ creator, Cardiff-based Benjamin Howell, through his company, Selling The Yard Films, is giving this curious bunch (and others) their own 20-minute adventure.

He is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and if you’d care to chip in, you could even appear in the film as a cartoon version of yourself, or buy a role for a loved one.

“It’s a punchy little love and crime musical,” he explained. “This is going to be a film that dances with your brain then insists on taking your brain to dinner at a roadside cafe where things get weird because the film has forgotten its wallet. Numbers are exchanged, whispering between the film and the restaurant manager occurs and then when returning to the table the condition of your liver becomes the main topic of conversation. Shhhh, everything is going to be alright!characters

“It will have light, very funny moments but there is also revenge and a bitter love triangle.”

The Kickstarter site is inviting pledges of support now, but no money will be taken unless and until the project hits its £8,000 target by the cut-off date, November 23rd 2015.

“We’re offering people various rewards for helping us out,” he explained.  “For a small donation people can get their name or that of a loved one in the end credits of the film. They can get access to an online production diary so they can see how the film progresses day to day. They can also get T-shirts, badges, posters and could even appear as an animated character in the finished film – or buy the reward for a friend or loved one. It’s a much more interesting gift idea than socks or car cleaning set.”

On completion ‘Saucy Horsey’ will be entered into film and animation festivals around the world in the short film/animation category.

Anyone interested in investing in the project or checking the rewards on offer, should click here.

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