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Soul with a hint of funk: Can you dig it?

Can You Dig it Square file_001_001If you’re in any doubt about what to expect from the new Gina Carey album, Can You Dig It, a glance at the tracklist will soon put you straight: songs include Funkalicious and Gimme The Soul.

It’s not heavy metal, that’s for sure (it probably wouldn’t be on here if it were). This is classic-sounding soul, laced with a generous hint of funk. If you’re as old as me, it’ll bring to mind the sounds of the ’70s, yet with an unmistakably contemporary feel.

Gina tells me her favourite artists growing up were Denise Williams, Minnie Riperton, Billie Holiday, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan. What great taste! And their influence shows on this new album, released in August 2015.

It’s an appealling mixture of out-and-out dance numbers, such as Funkalicious and Put Some Slack in Yo Back, and beautiful ballads such as You Take Me To The Moon.Gina Carey

Among the love songs there’s also a political plea for peace in Come Together (which reminded me, lyrically at least, of Shaun Escoffery’s Nature’s Call that I raved about a couple of years ago).

Chicago-born, California-based Gina wrote, arranged, produced, mixed and mastered the whole album, while her husband John plays guitar and bass.

It’s a talented household! Gina has won many awards since she launched her recording career in 1996, most recently won best adult contemporary artist at the 2015 CV Music Awards. She is also an actress, author, and director.

I love this album, and I think you’ll dig it too. You can buy it (and more Gina goodies) here.

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