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Psycho the musical?

Psycho showerAlfred Hitchcock’s Psycho has, no doubt, fuelled many nightmares since its release 50-plus years ago, but the only Psycho-related nightmare I have is that one day someone might turn it into a musical.

I find musicals disturbing at the best of times (except Singin’ in the Rain, of course), but imagine a musical about Norman’s deeds at Bates Motel, with songs such as Room With a View – in; Shower of Power; The Clean-up song (a chirpy sing-a-long); and Where’s Mr Arbogast? (in which the audience joins in by looking under their seats).

“Where’s Mr Arbogast?

Where did you see him last?

Is he under your seat? No.

Is he in the trunk? Uh-oh!”

All just the stuff of nightmares? Well, they’ve made musicals from equally unlikely material in the past: Oliver Twist, Les Miserables. So who knows?Psycho musical

The behind the scenes shot, right, gives an idea of how it might look.

If you are a Psycho fan, you may enjoy these musings on the TV prequel, Bates Motel, written before it aired in 2013.

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