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How about it? A summer anthem of love, peace, harmony

Nature's CallHere’s my nomination for the summer anthem of 2013 – Shaun Escoffery’s Nature’s Call is a timely antidote to the hatred on our streets and social channels in recent weeks.

Escoffery’s vocal recalls the great Curtis Mayfield, and the lyrics and philosophy make it the successor of Isley Brothers (and Chris Jasper’s, let’s not forget) classics such as Caravan of Love and Harvest for the World.

The song delivers a warning, but a way forward:

When will you learn? When will you learn? It’s not all about the money you earn.

We’re gonna lose if we don’t choose. Ooh, let’s come together right now.

And there’s that hippy-like refrain Love, peace, harmony.

I really love the video too – beautiful faces with a beautiful message.

Thanks so much to Chris Philips at Jazz FM for bringing this to my attention a few weeks ago. I’ve been listening to it almost daily to persuade myself that most of us really do want love, peace, harmony.

3 thoughts on “How about it? A summer anthem of love, peace, harmony

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