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We Are Cardiff – a movie premiere

Premiere A5I’ve been asked to publish the information below about the forthcoming premiere of We Are Cardiff – a documentary from the people behind the We Are Cardiff web project. I’m happy to do so, and have already booked my ticket. Hope to see you there.

Hello friends!
As you may or may not know, we’ve been working on making a film for nearly a year and a half now. THE DAY HAS COME FOR THE BEAST TO BE UNLEASHED! There’s a launch screening party at Chapter Arts Centre on Sunday 7th July at 12:30pm (lunchtime), and we’d really REALLY love to see you there. Tickets are available for the very reasonable price of £6 and there will coffee, tea and Welsh cakes!
Please forward this on to anyone who you know who might like to come along. Tickets are only available in advance from  (they aren’t available from the Chapter box office, btw….)
The facebook event is here.
we do hope to see you there.


x Premiere A5

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